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The Alamance County Court House

The Alamance County Criminal Court Building

Information about the office of the Alamance County Clerk of Court

  • The Honorable David Barber is the Alamance County Clerk of Superior Court.
  • The office is staffed by 10 Assistant Clerks of Court and 30 Deputy Clerks of Court for a total of 40 employees.  All are employees of the State of North Carolina.
  • The staff of 40 Assistant and Deputy Clerks of Court has an average of approximately 10 years experience.

What does a Clerk of Court do?

The Clerk of Superior Court is the hub at the center of all judicial proceedings in Alamance County. This position is vital to the local administration of justice and is a complex and diverse position. The Clerk of Superior Court is solely responsible for the retention, management and integrity of every case filed in the General Court of Justice in Alamance County, North Carolina.


This is not the official website of the Alamance County Clerk of Court’s office. To find the official website of Alamance County’s Clerk of Court, go to www.nccourts.org.

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Do not contact the Clerk of Court’s office with any questions about information you see on this site. You can contact David Barber at prycebarber@yahoo.com with any questions about information on this website.